A Very Slight NLL PLL Overlap

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While it isn’t ideal, it does result in some pretty compelling story lines.

How long does it take to gel with their teammates?

Do we need to consider load management?

Will the players have a better idea how to navigate back to back seasons?

There are two major differences between 2023 and 2022.

One, the PLL coaches have had a year to experience how they juggle lineups and make decisions post NLL finals.

Two, most importantly, the NLL schedule will end June 3rd assuming they need three games. Last year, the finals concluded June 18th.

This means that barring an injury in the NLL finals, PLL teams may only miss out their NLL athletes for one game instead of three like last season.

If you’re someone who criticized the Chaos on draft night decisions, they’ll get more goal scoring a lot faster in 2023.

Quick reminder, until the Chaos don’t make the post season for multiple seasons in a row, how can you question anything Andy Towers has done?

Buffalo and Colorado meet in a rematch of last year’s finals beginning this Saturday in Buffalo then play Monday in Denver. If necessary, the final game is June 3rd.

Anyone happen to know what teams play June 4th?

It might be less than ideal for the NLL guys to hop a plane after potentially playing in the final game of the season but there is a way none of those players miss anytime.

June 4th

Waterdogs vs. Chaos

Whipsnakes vs. Chrome

Safe to say the PLL coaches have contacted their athletes on Colorado and Buffalo with a plan of attack. Even if guys like Josh Byrne, Dhane Smith, Dillon Ward, and Zed Williams take June 4th off, they’ll be back on the field sooner than they were in 2022.

They might not miss any games at all if one of the NLL teams sweeps next weekend.

Buffalo will be rocking Friday night.

And of course, we get Chaos vs. Waterdogs June 4th in another potential Ward vs. Buffalo/Chaotic Scorpions duel.

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