Breaking In Your Gloves: The Basics

Gloves have evolved a great deal over the history of lacrosse. Lacrosse gloves are designed to protect players’ hands from checks, as checking the hands and stick are a big part of defense. Gloves aren’t just another requirement in padding, but they are a necessary tool in order to be able to carry, pass, shoot and control the ball. Gloves are vital!

Gloves are primarily made by means of synthetic leather and mesh material, the gloves main duty is to protect your hand from vicious checks and hits. The thick padding on the back of the hand and fingers absorbs most of the hits to keep you far from feeling pain which in most cases favors true.

Years back, gloves were basic means of equipment. Gloves today are designed with the player in mind first and foremost. It used to be that all gloves had a leather palm; while many of the more technologically advanced gloves of today have the venting/mesh material on the palm which means two things. One, the palms don’t get as stiff as some of the older dry gloves would occasionally do. Secondly, venting helps provide circulation of air in and out of the glove. Thirdly, gloves are an investment and vital to the execution of the game.

The soft leather palm, once broken in, enables you to get a good handle on your game. Below, in no particular order, are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

• Beat your gloves up; sit on them, throw them in the dryer, run over them with your car
• Sprinkle water on your gloves before you toss the rock around
• Work in a good lather with lotion to moisten and soften up the palm
• Follow a routine before and after each session to maintain the appropriate amount of moisture

At the pro level (MLL, NLL, International) you don’t see too many gloves with the palms still intact. Pro athletes don’t want to deal with breaking the gloves in as much because it is a hassle, so they cut out the inside palm. Cutting out the palm is illegal at the youth and collegiate levels presumably because it offers an unfair advantage. The flexibility you get without a palm is uncanny to playing with a rinky dink leather palm. That is why gloves like the Brine King II present an embossed breathable palm to allow more mobility when handling your stick. Flexibility in your fingers is just as important.

How do you break in your gloves?

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  1. Mike mickey on September 3, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Good stuff. I’ll try some of those tips next time. We are supposed to get new gloves next season.

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