Epoch Gen 6 X30 REVIEW

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Epoch Gen 6 X30

The extreme bevel done on a carbon handle better than ever before? We think so this year the Torque Box used to reduce weight was extremely helpful to the X series as they have a little more material to create the grip. Looking to replace your Gait Ice for 2016, the Gen 6 X30 may just be your handle.

Weight 9 out of 10

By strategically reducing weight the Gen 6 handles, Epoch has drastically reduced the weight this year through the Torque Box.

Strength 10 out of 10

The Gen 6 X30 is insanely durable just like the C model and holds up through heavy slashes and cross checks. No worries here.

Grip 9 out of 10

The heavy contour on the X30 may not be for everyone but we liked it a lot. Similar to a WonderBoy these handles provide a good groove to get your thumb dug in during play.

Overall 9.33 out of 10

Overall the X30 Gen 6 impresses for sure. If you’ve been a fan of the WonderBoy or Gait Ice and want to step up to a carbon handle the Epoch Gen 6 X30 is your best bet.



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