Epoch Lacrosse re-launches their website to showcase their Gen.4 carbon fiber shafts


Epoch Lacrosse re-launches their website to showcase their Gen.4 carbon fiber shafts.

Epoch Lacrosse re-launches their website to showcase their Gen.4 carbon fiber shafts

Minneapolis, MN (August 6, 2013) – Epoch Lacrosse, the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber lacrosse shafts, has re-launched their website (www.epochlacrosse.com) to coincide with the release of their Gen.4 product line-up.

Epoch’s redesigned site represents their brand with a look and feel that is crisp and clean echoing the design of their industry leading carbon fiber Dragonfly shafts. The homepage showcases shaft images in a perspective that is fresh and modern. The negative white space plays host to the hi-res images that truly frame the Dragonfly as the hero. According to Brian Hochman, Lead Designer at Epoch Lacrosse, who served as Project Manager of the redesign, “the Dragonfly is more than just a conventional lacrosse shaft, and we needed a way to educate players on the advantages of using a Dragonfly. By using high quality images and graphics we can tell our story without the clutter. The Dragonfly is generations ahead of the competition and now our website is too.”

Using a Parallax effect, the new Epochlacrosse.com offers lacrosse players an opportunity to see the Dragonfly and the technology behind it, in a unique way that is completely new to lacrosse. “We were looking for a way to showcase our technologically advanced carbon fiber shafts,” said James Miceli, Principal of Epoch Lacrosse. “We believe we are now representing our lacrosse shafts in a manner never seen before in our game,” he added.

Epoch Lacrosse re-launches their website to showcase their Gen.4 carbon fiber shafts

The site is built on a platform that will allow Brian and his team to continually update content, in an effort to keep the site fresh, while offering the ability to adjust for new Epoch products due out later this year. To assist with the redesign, Epoch Lacrosse worked alongside Minneapolis based design firm U4EA. U4EA was mainly responsible for coding the site that allowed Epoch’s vision to become a reality.

To achieve images with such detail and depth, Epoch partnered with Minneapolis based Rat Race Studios. “We wanted our products to look as good as they perform. Rat Race was able to capture the depth of technology each shaft is manufactured with. The images really helped our new site take shape,” said Miceli. “In a sense, we designed the site around the images which resulted in a more organic flow and presentation,” he added.

Epoch Lacrosse re-launches their website to showcase their Gen.4 carbon fiber shafts

About Epoch Lacrosse: Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. Developed in collaboration with True Temper Sports, Epoch shafts are made from the highest-grade materials available. They have tested and re-tested each design, to ensure optimal durability, playability and performance. Their goal is simple, to give the player every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

Visit www.EpochLacrosse.com to learn more about Epoch’s Gen.4 lacrosse shafts.

To stay up-to-date on Epoch’s Gen.4 product line-up “like” them on Facebook.com/Epochlax.

You can also follow Epoch on Twitter @epochlax and check out their blog at http://www.LivePlayBe.com.

About U4EA Design: An interactive design studio constantly striving to deliver fresh, game-changing ideas across multiple mediums.

Visit: www.u4eadesign.com

Contact: Brandon Larson; 651-788-8628

About Rat Race Studios: It’s a rat race out there, and we help you stand out through our ability to communicate through visual imagery. Style, technique and skill are only the half of it. Life experience, perceptiveness and aesthetic sophistication merge with our core skills in an intuitive process.

Visit: http://ratracestudios.com

Contact: DANIEL LIFE; [email protected]; 651 331 9541

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