Epoch Women’s 2013 Dragonfly Series: WC32, WS32, WT32


October 1, 2012

Last week Epoch Lacrosse announced new Dragonfly Shafts for 2013. The shafts (WC32, WS32 and WT32) are technologically advanced carbon fiber shafts made specifically for women. The 2013 women’s Dragonfly line includes a total of four shafts. Epoch offers three distinct shafts with unique geometry in the attack/middie length as well as one goalie shaft, allowing players to find the perfect “feel”. The WC32, WS32 and WT32 return to the lineup with improved cosmetic design, increased grip and a lower price. View images of the shafts above.

Learn more about Epoch Women’s 2013 Dragonfly Shafts

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