Former Olympic Coach Sets Sights on Turkey Lacrosse

North Carolina State University Professor, Dr. March Krotee, Joins Turkey Lacrosse Board of Advisors

(Istanbul), Turkey, (March 20, 2013) – Turkey Lacrosse is pleased to announce the latest addition to its ranks. Dr. March Krotee, currently a Fulbright Professor at the North Carolina State University in the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult Education, will bring his expertise in sports management to Turkey Lacrosse’s mission in Turkey.

Dr. Krotee has a laundry list of accomplishments and experiences. He was the psychologist to the 1980 Men’s USA hockey team, the field hockey team, a member of the US national soccer team coaching staff, head of coaching committee for the USA triathlon, and also has experience working with a variety of professional sports teams, including the Minnesota North Stars. His book, Management of Physical Education and Sport, now on its 13th edition, has been published in Turkish and Chinese.

“Even in the early days of Turkey, the Sultan would send consultants to the far corners of the world to investigate other sports,” remarks Dr. Krotee. “Turkey’s future is bright with the Turkish government investing heavily in sports and education. This, combined with increasing globalization and the initiative of Turkey Lacrosse, has created a perfect storm for the development of lacrosse in Turkey.”

“We are extremely fortunate that Dr. Krotee has embraced what we are doing here at Turkey Lacrosse and is willing to devote his expertise and time,” says Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director and Founder of Turkey Lacrosse. “We are lucky to have him on the board.”

Turkey is largely unfamiliar with the notion of team sports as a personal development tool, and the university system which provides students with tuition money in exchange for participation on varsity teams is a foreign concept entirely. Dr. Krotee will be instrumental in helping develop lacrosse in Turkey not only as a sport, but also as a medium for cultivating team building attitudes.

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