Grant Hewit – Streaker Sports: Things I Can’t Live Without

Today, Grant Hewit makes a rare appearance on LPG. Grant is the Founder of Streaker Sports. Streaker Sports is a purveyor of fine apparel and accessories focused on the special bond between fans and the teams they follow. Below is a list of things he can’t live without.

1. Frank’s Red Hot. I take their marketing to heart, and quite literally put that $*@T on everything.

2. iPod Nano 4th Generation. Maybe I’m cold blooded and/or get too sweaty when I run, but touch screen iPods just don’t work for me. I’ve stock piled 4th generation nanos purchased off ebay so I’ll never have to use a touch screen. ever.

3. Hudson Sutler Commuter bag. So I’m clearly biased here, but I also stand behind my product. I carry this every single day and it’s a perfect bag to hit the office, the gym and whatever else you’re doing, all while looking good doing it. Oh, and it’s Made in America, a place I wouldn’t want to live outside of.

4. Karhu Fulcrum Ride running shoes. I tried these a couple years ago and never went back. I’m not a scientist, but all the “patented fulcrum technology” they put into their shoes makes a HUGE difference.

5. Streaker Sports Tri Blend T. I have the benefit of having an entire office of these, so I’m in no short supply. This is THE most comfortable T out there, and nothing beats a comfortable T.

6. Levi 501 Shrink to Fit Jeans. The process of preparing these to even wear takes some time and patience (neither of which I usually have much of.) The end result is worth it, perfect jeans are a close second to a comfortable T. The blog “Thighs bigger than your head” (which I also suffer from) put together an awesome guide a couple of months back. We differ on some things but great guide:

7. RM Williams Craftsman Boot. I got these as a gift from my brother-in-law, and now they’re one of the most heavily used items I own. If you put mine on, you’d think I had custom orthotics put in the footbed they’re so broken in, and they last forever.

8. Notebooks. I write ideas, notes, to-do lists and draw design concepts incessantly. After losing emails to myself one too many times and Evernote not working in the NYC Subway, I went back to consolidating all my scraps into notebooks every week or so.

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