Grip ‘N Rip: High Point Attackman Brad James

Lacrosse Playground, every once in awhile, features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. Today we feature High Point freshman attackman, Brad James. James comes from St. Joseph’s Prep in Pa.

What head do you use?
I use either the Brine Clutch 2X and the STX Surgeon

What handle do you use?
I’ve played with the Warrior Dolomite shaft for the longest time.

Where does your pocket sit/what type of pocket do you prefer?
I like to have my pocket sit a little high. I prefer to have barely any whip in my stick, as well. This lets my stick have a good combination of good hold and a quick release.

Who is your stick doctor? Do you string it yourself or have a go-to-teammate/friend?
Back home in Philadelphia I either have my former coach, Mike Lennon, or my buddy, Mike Devine, string my sticks. At HPU, my roommate, Kyle Moses, strings up a pretty nice stick.

What kind of mesh do you use (Hard, soft, monster, traditional/leathers, marc , etc.)? Why?
I like to have hard mesh. Other than Canadian mesh, hard mesh is the only type I’ve ever really used.

What is your preferred glove?
My preferred glove is the STX Assault. I used it my senior year at St. Joe’s Prep and we are currently wearing them at High Point.

How much whip does your stick have?
Little to no whip.

Anything unique you do to your head or shaft (pocket up-keep, tape jobs, alterations, etc.)?

How long do you keep a stick before you get a new one?
I usually keep my string job for about a month or two. I keep my head or shaft until they break.

What’s most important to you in a stick/what makes a good stick?
I think the most important part is that your stick needs to be the way you like it in every aspect. For me, it is essential as an offensive player to have good hold and a quick release with your pocket.

What tunes are playing in the lockerroom right now?
The music is all over the place. Some kids like dubstep, some like country and others like rap. Blasting Levels by Avicii or No Beef by Afrojack and Steve Aoki definitely wakes everyone up before the early practices. But, Frontier Fridays is for sure the best day when it comes to music.

What’s the best part about playing lacrosse at High Point?
The best part about High Point lacrosse is the relationship all the players have and the coaches. Since were mostly freshmen with exception to Garrett Swaim, Anthony Porchetta and Bucky Smith, we have all become real tight since it’s mostly everyone’s first time playing college lacrosse and going through the practices, conditioning and lifting together. The coaches are great, as well. All the fellas love Coach Torpey, Tracy, and Phipps. They know what they’re talking about and we buy into everything they teach us. We know they will make us a great program.

What are you doing when you aren’t playing lacrosse?
When I am not playing lacrosse I am either napping or playing video games with the boys. We’re usually playing Gears, Fifa or Halo.

What should we expect from High Point this year?
It’s a little tough to say without playing other Division 1 teams, but you should expect great things come in the 2012-2013 season. This year, in the first weeks, we have moved past high school lacrosse and have learned how to play the faster and more physical college game. We’re putting the work in on and off the field. We will definitely be a scrappy, hard-working team.

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  1. LaxbeastFTW on November 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Looks like his head is a bit warped haha 

  2. LaxbeastFTW on November 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Looks like his head is a bit warped haha 

  3. LaxbeastFTW on November 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Looks like his head is a bit warped haha 

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