Guardian Caps Announces Partnership with Level 2 Sports


January 9, 2014

Alpharetta, GA. – January 9, 2014 – Guardian Caps, a soft-shell helmet cover designed to reduce the severity of hits on the lacrosse field, announced today its partnership with Level 2 Sports, a full service sports events agency specializing in sponsorship activation and partnerships, event branding and management.

“We are thrilled to work with the talented team at Level 2 Sports,” says Lee Hanson, founder of Guardian Caps. “Their expertise in the lacrosse industry will be instrumental in helping us bring awareness and further our mission as we bring our product to the lacrosse market.”

Founded in 2011, Guardian Caps has made considerable strides when it comes to safety in the football industry. The positive feedback from coaches, parents and trainers has inspired Guardian Caps expansion to the lacrosse market brining their technology to players of all level across the country with the help of Level 2 Sports.

“We are honored to be ambassadors of the Guardian Caps technology in the lacrosse market,” says Joel Franklin, Level 2 Sports Events Director. “The success they’ve seen in the short time since their establishment shows a promising future, especially in the lacrosse industry.”

The Guardian Cap flips traditional helmet design inside out by adding exterior padding to helmets. The Guardian Cap attaches to all football and lacrosse helmets, reducing the severity of blows up to 33%. The soft-shell energy management system is decoupled from the helmet, addressing both linear and rotational forces.

The creation of the Guardian Caps stems from the Hanson’s 17-year background in operating a material sciences company that has done work for NASA, Boeing, 3M, as well as their passion for making a difference in protecting youth athletes.

Currently, more than 21,000 players at the youth, high school and collegiate level have adopted the Guardian Caps technology, including the University of South Carolina, Clemson University and High Point University.

About Guardian Caps

The Guardian Cap is a product on the forefront of helmet technology. The lightweight soft-shell helmet cover fits both lacrosse and football helmets and reduces impact up to 33%. Physics says that an outer “soft” material of the proper density, stiffness and energy absorbing properties reduces the initial severity of the impact. Guardian Caps are here to reduce the impact athletes feel in a hit by dampening the force of impacts and extending them. For more information, please visit:

About Level 2 Sports

Level 2 Sports, based in the Baltimore metropolitan region was founded in 2005 to develop sports related programming designed to support the aspirations of high school student athletes who dreamed of playing sports in college. The company has since evolved into a proven, full service sports events agency specializing in sponsorship activation and partnerships, event branding and management, and grassroots sports marketing using youth and high school sports as their vehicle. For more information, please visit:

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