How to Make the PLL Championship Series Even Bigger

Yesterday, the PLL announced they would be restoring the Championship Series this February with a sixes style tournament.

A brilliant idea, as we were immediately begging for a “Winter Classic” as soon as the Utah tournament ended two summers ago.

Here’s how we’d make the event even bigger.

  1. Partner with the NFL or NCAA
  2. Play the championship lacrosse game in prior to an NFL playoff game or college football bowl game

Weatherwise, it makes more sense to pair up with a college game because the bowl games are played either indoors or in warmer climates and you have months of planning time on the location.

The college football title game will be January 9 in Southern California. The Super Bowl takes place February 12 in Glendale, Arizona. Given the PLL’s announcement that this is a February event perhaps the football partnership is something that occurs in 2024.

Regardless of start date, imagine the PLL not only getting ESPN+ treatment the day of a major football but an opportunity for the players to compete in front of new fans.

The football game gets elevated pregame entertainment. Attendees may be more willing to come into the venue earlier to watch the lacrosse championship game which would result increased concession sales. Lacrosse gets exposure to new fans.

Hard to believe that football would feel threatened by the PLL and say no.

Can you remember the last time you went to concert?

Have you ever gone to a concert and been excited for the headliner and every opening act?

If you had a reason to show up early, why wouldn’t you?

Typically, the opening act at a concert is a no name band trying to make a name for themselves. An opening act for a major sporting event could easily be a PLL “sixes” championship game.

We’re really high on what the PLL has accomplished so far. We’re not delusional enough to think a PLL winter tournament championship game held before say the Arkansas Penn State Outback Bowl held at noon is going to draw 40,000 people. Hell, they’d have to play the PLL game at 7am to have the field ready for football warmups.

But, what if it was played before the 5PM Ohio State Utah game?

Or, the 8:45PM Baylor Ole Miss game?

The PLL doesn’t need to convert existing lacrosse fans.

They need to continue to attract new eye balls from other sports.

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