Is This The New Stevenson University Helmet?


December 21, 2011

After seeing their Rome Gloves yesterday we bring you what might be the new helmet for Stevenson in 2012. Stevenson is considering a number of custom mock ups, but we have gathered information that this digi camo wrap from Zima Gear is in the lead. Zima Gear does a great job with everything they put out. This wrap would certainly pair well with the gloves, right?

If you’re wondering why Stevenson is going with such crazy gear, it’s because they believe in a theme for gear every year. To a lot of readers bewilderment this year’s theme may have been a tad overboard, but we, LPG, like to think that it turned out alright. Like in life, sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss, we think in the end it will turn out just fine. Since Stevenson is based out of Owings Mills, just outside the 695 Beltway and the city proper, the Mustangs obviously want to show some MD and Baltimore pride. Notice the Baltimore skyline on the back panel. Last year their theme was America and since that went over so well, they decided to take the next step and put the theme into gloves/helmets.

If you have any suggestions on what Stevenson should go with please leave a message in the comment section below.

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