This year at the Ocean City Lax Classic Team Lacrosse Playground will be playing with Epoch Lacrosse shafts. The shafts are the 2013 Dragonfly carbon fiber shafts. The Dpole is the 2013 R60 and the shortie is the 2013 C30.

The design was a collaboration between Lacrosse Playground, Epoch Lacrosse and Olympic Den. Epoch wanted to create a unique look for the custom shafts and found inspiration in the manner in which Cornell’s attackmen taped their shafts. Ryan Hurley, a National Sales Rep for Epoch Lacrosse and former Cornell attackman, further explains, “If you look at photos from the 2009-2010 season, our attack line taped the shafts to resemble a candy cane.”

Ryan Hurley working the Candy Cane against Notre Dame during NCAA Semifinal, 2010

Epoch took the candy cane taping design a step further and added additional color to make the shafts really pop. They accomplished this design by creating a “decal” and applying it to the carbon fiber material. A clear coat was applied on top and then their Slip/Grip textured finish for superior control. Epoch uses a similar process for their Dragonfly shafts.

Each of Epoch’s Authorized Dealers has access to the custom program. Epoch offers 100% custom designed shafts along with the flexibility to order a minimum of twelve shafts in mixed and matched lengths. Once the artwork is approved, the shafts will be delivered in approximately 45 days. Even more, Epoch offers the same one year warranty as their standard shafts. Visit Epoch Lacrosse for more info. OC Lax Classic takes place this weekend. Betta’ believe we’ll have more images to show you!

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