LACROSSETHEPOND: Coming Over To The UK & Starting Lacrosse Camps

LACROSSETHEPOND, owned by Sam Russell, a Whittier College Alumni, was founded in December 2010 and is about to enter its third academic year as a successful organization. Since being founded in 2010, Brett Hughes, a Virginia and Ohio Machine Alumni, has joined the LTP team. The LACROSSETHEPOND team has a wealth of experience which is made up of past and current International Players, All Americans, Academic Advisors, Professional Players and International Coaches. LTP is dedicated to helping US graduates get their Masters degree in the UK while simultaneously supplying avenues to improve the standard of lacrosse in the UK.

LACROSSETHEPOND helps graduates proceed to the next chapter of their lives. Applying to UK universities, finding accommodation, and finalizing flights, are just a couple of steps that LTP undertake to ensure that the study abroad process is executed successfully and stress-free.

This year LTP is extremely excited to announce that they have launched a new arm to the company. One of LTP’s goals as an organization is to continually improve the standard of lacrosse in the UK. To help achieve this goal we are launching LACROSSETHEPOND Master Classes. The aim of these Master Classes is simple, it is to expose a University team to coaches from the highest level who can help implement new drills, plays and structure to a team and the way they train. After the session LTP will leave the team with plays and drills which have been tailored to the teams specific needs and standards.

Currently British University College Sports BUCS (NCAA equivalent) are reporting that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport at the University level in the UK. LTP believe that if they can expose some of this growth to the best coaching available in the UK the standard of lacrosse will improve throughout the country.

To celebrate the launch of these Master Classes, LTP’s US president and MLL star Brett Hughes is making a trip to the UK. During Brett’s 10 day visit the LTP team will be visiting 3 different campuses around the UK to deliver some of the best coaching available in the UK. The coaching staff is made up of past and present All-Americans and International Players bringing the highest level of knowledge within the game to a campus near you. If you would lime to enquire about an LTP master class or receive any further information on LACROSSETHEPOND please email [email protected] or visit their website,

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