Macho Sadness

The other day my friend sent a text that the Macho Man Randy Savage had tragically died. I was pretty bent out of shape that I wouldn’t hear another genuine “OOOOH YEEEEAAAAH” for the rest of my days. In these times there really is not a happy medium between the hypermasculintiy of modern day tough guys and the alt uber hipster man pussies that live in places like my neighborhood. Ironically these two sets of guys might have the same poorly thought out tattoos, but one is going to beat you up while the other is hiding behind a laptop drinking five dollar coffees talking about how awesome it was when he lived in New York.

The Macho Man was an exotic blend of crazy-wild creativity and pure badass that will surely be missed and never recreated. He was a little hippity hop and a lot of rock and roll and had the reckless abandon to live life in a Macho Man stroll. If you don’t believe me then believe this footage.

Old School Macho on right with Cowboy Bob. Is he wearing a Boer Hat?

Respectable style for both with the 1980 Country look going on.

Conquering Nature

African dictator inspired?

Pictured with Mean Gene when his look started shifting to Nascar Glam on Acid

Yes he was pretty bitchin’ and although pro wrestling is sort of fake, Macho Man Savage wasn’t messing around. The high flying jumps are real and the injuries and life styles of some of our childhood heroes eventually can take their toll on the assumed invincibility of these idols. Whether he is recklessly taking out a table, bow hunting, or doing sprints, there was a lot of amazing stuff that summed up his Savage persona. Savage also nearly made it as a professional baseball player to round out his versatile athletic resume. He was so undeniably awesome he became the ambassador of Slim Jim and even made an attempt at a rap career in his late forties. His flamboyant fashion sensibilities could possibly draw one to think of him as a straight redneck version of Elton John. And although his look evolved somewhat over the years the Macho Man always kept things somewhat spicy and very interesting. Here is a styling tribute based on the life of Randy Savage.


Jeremy Scott Goggles

Dan Post Python Boots

Wrangler Jeans (Go for dark dyes with vintage looks and fit for tight)

Brown Leather Belt

Vintage Macho Man shirt Ebay. Customize accordingly.

Tiger Bandana or whatever else that is crazy and Savage themed. Have a variety of other color options and patterns like paisley, polka dot and tie dye to keep it fresh.

Leather studded wrist wrap. Or athletic tape works too.

Danny McCormick is a featured blogger for Lacrosse Playground covering style and fashion. Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, Danny lived an East Coast laxer lifestyle while attending the Landon School, and the University of Maryland before eventually heading out to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in entertainment and fashion. While working his way up the LA food chain he has served as an assistant to some top stylists, decorated sets for commercials, films, and photo shoots, and works as Adrenaline Apparels Art Director and Eco consultant. After injuring his knee on Halloween doing a complex yet unrehearsed dance sequence, he has ruled out the chance of a lacrosse come back. But if asked if he would do it again the answer is hell yes.

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