Mint Mesh Pro Review


January 31, 2019

One of the very first reviews I did on Lacrosse Playground was for the original waxed Mint Mesh.  At the time I was quite impressed with the semi-hard wax mesh compared to other meshes on the market at the time. When I saw that the same guys behind this original Mint Mesh were now releasing a performance mesh similar to most others on the market today, I was interested in trying it out.

I strung up a piece of the new Mint Mesh Pro in a Maverik Havok using the same pattern I’ve used on this head with a few other meshes.  I had no problems stringing it up and got a nice, shifty mid pocket in the head. From a design standpoint, Mint Mesh Pro has several color options including cool channel patterns that all look very nice.

Mint Mesh Pro is a semi-soft mesh with very little stretch that is very consistent.  The biggest feature of Mint Mesh Pro that makes it stand out compared to the rest is the weather resistance. Regardless of it being wet, having snow on it or in hot or cold temperatures (although I’ve only tested it in the cold up here in Buffalo), the mesh will perform and feel exactly the same.  I’d recommend Mint Mesh Pro to anyone that needs a mesh that feels the same in all kinds of changing weather.

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