More limited edition Brine gear available at Great Atlantic

Yesterday we highlighted the white Brine Thriller handle that is available at Great Atlantic. Today we have a look at even more exclusive product from Brine.

Some of you have already started practice for the spring and others of you are starting practice soon. If you are looking for gloves with a custom team feel but weren’t able to get in a team order last fall, Brine has created Vengeance and Thriller gloves produced in a variety of colors.

The Thriller gloves are definitely a bold look, featuring a base color of black with bright red, blue, yellow, and green elephant print worked throughout the Thriller as an accent. The Brine Vengenace gloves available work colors throughout the gloves with white pinstripe accents.

Both the black/blue thriller and blue/white vengeance are the basis of what gloves Duke is wearing this spring, and the red Vengeance is the same glove Rabil wore this summer in the MLL All-star game. You can purchase the gloves at (Vengeance here and Thriller here).

Brine Vengeance Gloves

Brine Thriller Gloves

And if you really want to look like a baller, Brine also has a metallic silver glove they’ve produced. The Thrillers are totally silver and, as you can see from the pictures below, the glove has a nice shine when light bounces off of it. The Thrillers are also available exclusively at Great Atlantic and retail for $126.99.

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