Neutralize Your Funky Smelling Equipment Bag with Odor Gladiator


December 21, 2011

There are a few problems every athlete deals with. One of them is a problem that can affect everyone around them, odor. There’s the obvious culprit of body odor, or “BO.” But, what about funky odor in your equipment bag? The rank smell in your bag is practically impossible to get rid of, so we wanted to enlighten you about Odor Gladiator.

Odor Gladiator is a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench in the most inhospitable of environments – the dank, dark sports equipment bag. Odor Gladiator is the perfect solution for all athletes (and especially their families on those long rides home). Odor Gladiator tackles the stink of equipment-intensive sports such as lacrosse.

Unlike wimpy little shoe balls, bags of black, sooty carbon and chemical sprays requiring constant reapplication, Odor Gladiator™ is a “fire and forget” solution that safely battles odor for 45 days or more. We are familiar with similar products, but they never did the trick. Glove and Arm Guard odor can hold an awful stench. They can be the sole reason why your bag smells.

Here’s a video with Odor Gladiator founder, Mike Morneault, demonstrating how easy it is to use. View this video to grasp a better understanding of what this product is capable of doing. Also, notice how it fits in the palm of his hand. The size makes it easy to place in any storage/carrying device.

Show your school spirit or tout the colors of your favorite professional team. You can customize your Odor Gladiator in two of 14 available colors. Purchase a few today at and visit their Fan Page.

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