Pick Your PLL Roster: Redwoods Midfield or Atlas Midfield

The Redwoods take a 3-2 record into the all star break. There are two other teams with a 3-2 record but thanks to their 10-3 loss to the Archers in Connecticut they find themselves in fifth place.

The Woods have a -7 scoring differential while the Chaos have +4.

The Atlas are in 7th place with a 1-4 record and a -12 scoring differential.

Blind Resume

We complied the points for athletes listed as offensive midfielders.

Team #1: 20 points

Team #2: 37 points

As a comparison, the Archers, the current #1 team in the PLL with the top midfielder in the country, check in with 44 points.

Can you tell which team is which?

Team 1: Redwoods

Team 2: Atlas

Both teams have high caliber face off men although Baptiste has been unreal this PLL season so it makes sense that the Atlas midfield would have a few more scoring opportunities. Xander Dickson is responsible for 10 of those 37 points although he plays more of a crease finisher role and has only contributed 1 point in the last two games.

Harbinger of Doom

Back in December, we wrote this article, Better 2023: Myles Jones or Bryan Costabile?

Jones reclaiming his place among the top 15 players in the league in 2023 seems like a tall order given his age and new demands off of the field.

When player voting comes around next winter, Costabile should also have the shine of a gold medal.

But, a resurgent Ierlan and Jones being the clear number two in the Woods offense should be enough for him to improve on his 2022 production.

Lacrosse Playground

Although, he wasn’t selected for the US National team, Costabile is the leading midfield scorer for the Atlas with 11 points which puts him ahead of his 10 game 20 point regular season pace from last year.

Jones has yet to get anything started with 3 goals on 20 shots.

Take Your Pick

Both units include former all stars. Both units include one player playing slightly out of position. Both units have an alpha quarterback at attack.

The Atlas Midfield:

Bryan Costabile – 7 goals, 1 2 point goal, 2 assists

Xander Dickson – 5 goals, 5 assists

Romar Dennis – 3 goals, 2 2 point goals, 1 assist

Brendan Curry – 4 goals

Marc O’Rourke – 2 goals, 1 assist

Justin Guterding – 1 assist

The Redwoods Midfield:

Jules Heningburg – 3 goals, 5 assists

Charlie Bertrand – 3 goals, 2 assists

Cole Kirst – 2 goals, 1 assist

Myles Jones – 3 goals

Anthony DeMaio – 1 goal

Sergio Perkovic – 0 points

Do you believe that Jones can dig himself out? Do you trust Romar Dennis has one big game this summer in him?

If Sergio Perkovic isn’t an option anymore, can Charlie Betrand pick up the slack for both Perkovic and Jones? He was excellent as a secondary scorer for the US in San Diego but has been fighting an injury this summer.

Is Cole Kirst a consistent contributor moving forward?

Do the Atlas staff really prefer Dennis feast or famine production to Justin Guterding’s typical point a game steadiness?

At least one lacrosse media person openly questioned roster moves for the Redwoods. What value do those guys have now? Can you get equal value back? If you wait and things don’t change after the all star game, would anyone take them?

We watched the Atlas screw around with Jake Carraway last summer. Does that influence the Redwoods? Jones is signed through 2024. Perkovic is up after 2023.

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