PLL Week 2 Recap: Archers

We recapped the Friday night games and previewed the Saturday contests briefly on Saturday Morning Live.

Some further notes on the weekend in Charlotte.

June 5: Presumably Dylan Molloy dresses this weekend. Will Jackson Morrill (5 points) and Cross Ferrara (4 points) be as productive with limited opportunities relative to last week or does the shorter clock not hinder their chances as much?

Dylan Molloy didn’t dress.

Cross Ferrara didn’t register a point.

Jackson Morrill had 5 goals but the Chrome only scored 3 goals in the first three quarters.

Are you ready to award the Archers with the best off season yet?

Everything has come up their way so far.

  1. Moving on from Will Manny/Marcus Holman/Adam Ghitelman
  2. Signing Mac O’Keefe
  3. Drafting Mike Sisselberger

The Archers are leading the league in goals scored and tied for second in goals allowed.

They effortlessly dispatched the Chrome over the weekend without the services of Grant Ament. We compared Ament to Connor Shellenberger. Great players but both have been absent during the 2023 season due to injury and their teams won easily.

Tom Schreiber is the absolute ideal running mate for a shooter like Mac O’Keefe. Schreiber feeds on the run and can score himself. Ament has a penchant for feeding stationary.

The Princeton middie had 1 goal and 5 assists on Friday. Unlike the big numbers he put up with the Toronto Rock, the PLL doesn’t award secondary assists.

O’Keefe meanwhile has to be loving his new team. Through two games, he’s taken 18 shots. Last season, he only took 46 shots in 13 games.

No Holman, Manny, or Ament (who will return from injury) means more opportunities for Matt Moore and Connor Fields.

How smart does the move last year to move Tre Leclaire into a two way role now that the clock is even shorter?

Sisselberger wasn’t as pristine this past weekend but the Archers have never had someone that gave them confidence at the face off X before. Will he be closer to his week one 80% performance in Columbus?

So far, the Archers have been rewarded for turning over their roster. If they feel close, they need to stay aggressive during the trade deadline. Tom Schreiber is 31. If we learned anything from the Whipsnakes last year, windows close out of no where.

The Archers face the Chaos in the first game Saturday.

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