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Podcast / Chris Hogan: From Winning Two Super Bowls to Tackling Pro Lacrosse in the PLL

Chris Hogan: From Winning Two Super Bowls to Tackling Pro Lacrosse in the PLL (Pro Lacrosse Talk Podcast #128)

On this episode of the Pro Lacrosse Talk Podcast, Hutton Jackson and Adam Moore are joined by two-time Super Bowl champion and former Penn State lacrosse star Chris Hogan. He discusses his announcement that he plans to play in the Premier Lacrosse league this summer, how he’s been training for the PLL season and signing a sponsorship deal with Epoch Lacrosse. He recounts his journey from Penn State lacrosse to Monmouth University football to cracking an NFL roster and eventually making it to three Super Bowls with the new England Patriots. They also discuss his relationships with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, which PLL player he’s looking forward to potentially facing and how lacrosse equipment has evolved since he played in college to now.

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Pro Lacrosse Talk was created by Adam Moore and Hutton Jackson, two former NCAA athletes and lifetime lacrosse fans who recognized the need for a platform devoted solely to professional lacrosse. The Pro Lacrosse Talk podcast is the first and only podcast covering all three professional lacrosse leagues (NLL, PLL, Athletes Unlimited) and remains the main source for pro lacrosse news.

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