Q&A with Durkl co-owner Cole Sharp

From time to time, Lacrosse Playground will occasionally feature lacrosse players who make their stamp in the business world. And because we cover not just the sport, but also trends and style of interest to laxers, Lacrosse Playground recently sat down with one of the owners of Durkl, a stylish, colorful and progressive clothing line. They are the next big thing in street wear design. And while street wear might not be the first thing you think of when you think lacrosse (let’s face it, you think preppy), we all know lacrosse players try to stay trendy, and the brothers who run the company both have roots in lacrosse.

Cole and Will Sharp were both lacrosse players with roots in the D.C. area. In 1999, Will Sharp was a High School All-American at St. Albans School in D.C. as well as First Team All-Met selection by The Washington Post before moving on to Washington & Lee. Upon graduation from college, Will began to put his creative talent to work. Will’s younger brother, Cole, a four year starter in high school at St. Albans as well, followed suit after graduating from UVA in ’06.

Now the two run Durkl.

LPG sat down with Cole and asked him questions regarding business, lacrosse and Durkl’s influences. Cole admits that lacrosse has definitely changed over the years, but that there’s a definite link between lacrosse and fashion. You can always see a person in the crowd and know that they are a lacrosse player and Cole pointed out that lacrosse has always been for the bold kids. We couldn’t agree more. Check out the interview below and also a video of one of Durkl’s new shoes.

LPG: How do you feel lacrosse has changed since you played?
Cole: The level of play has changed a lot! I wouldn’t say the players have gotten bigger, but they are definitely better.
LPG: Who was your idol growing up in the lacrosse world?
Cole: Umm, Hubbard.
LPG: Jesse Hubbard…
Cole: Haha yeah, isn’t that everyone’s answer?!
LPG: Cole, when did you decide to get on board with Durkl?
Cole: I sort of pursued what I majored in, archeology. I did that for a little bit and it was cool but I wanted to be a part of a small business. It takes a lot of grinding, I guess, but it’s rewarding. It takes time and a lot of effort.
LPG: Where do you guys usually get your inspiration from?
Cole: Will does most of the designs. He always looked like a clown. We always kinda always had a wackier persona on the field, but I wouldn’t necessarily say there is a correlation between lacrosse and our clothes specifically.
LPG: What have you noticed about the style now compared to when you played?
Cole: Here’s the thing about lacrosse. Lacrosse players are cool kids. Cool kids wear cool clothes. To us it’s no surprise that fashion companies are springing up to meet that need. I didn’t really notice the style back in the day, but I have noticed the flow is back. Lacrosse really does attract a cool crowd.
LPG: Would you say, at any point, that lacrosse has piggy-backed off of a particular style or trend?
Cole: Quicksilver started to be on everyone’s head. You know what I mean; it’s an Australian surf company. What does Quicksilver have to do with lacrosse? That’s when people started to think there’s really a market for these kinds of people. But if people are resorting to the surfer style then I’m pretty sure lacrosse players can make our own style better.
LPG: So you guys are doing pretty well?
Cole: Yeah, a lot of people are not doing well out there right now. We are weathering the storm.
LPG: You guys make good clothes and people are always going to need good clothes.
Cole: This is true, this is true. Unless everyone decides to be naked…I’d be cool with that.

Durkl is sold in retail stores across the country as well as internationally in places like 3.Europe, Australia and Canada. You can purchase items online at www.durkl.com.

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