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CANTON, MA – Reebok introduced the 10K Lacrosse System, a revolutionary new lacrosse handle and head featuring Reebok’s O Technology Speed Ports. The 10K System is comprised of the 10K 5.0.5 Head and the 10K O-Tech Handle. The Speed Ports in the head and handle are strategically placed to create the ultimate aerodynamic lacrosse stick. At retail locations now, the 10K is one of the most sought after new products on the market.

Reebok’s state of the art 10K Lacrosse System is like no other product on the market. The Speed Ports are designed to reduce drag and thereby can increase stick speed while shooting. The 10K includes five O ports in the handle, 4 in the scoop and a port in the throat – traditionally one of the highest-drag areas on a lacrosse stick. When used together the 10K System provides players of all ages and abilities with one of the most innovative and technologically advanced lacrosse sticks ever produced.

“Reebok has only been in the lacrosse game for a few years, but right from the beginning we have been committed to producing the most advanced, best performing products on the market. The 10K lacrosse system was designed with this approach in mind,” said Chris Waldeck, Reebok’s Director, Cleated and Equipment-Team Sports.

In addition to the Speed Ports, the 10K 5.0.5 Lacrosse Head also features Reebok’s PlayerPro-Pinched Profile for optimum ball control and reduced ball rattle and a Pro-Offset design for excellent ball control and protection. The 10K O-Tech Lacrosse Handle is equipped with Reebok’s new Sand Grip technology which delivers maximum gritty feel for a serious grip in all conditions. The super-lite aerospace grade graphite handle weighs just 170 grams.

“Being the official equipment provider of the National Lacrosse League, we are always striving to bring the next advancement in technology to maximize the effectiveness of our equipment,” said Waldeck. “We take great pride in providing the best equipment for lacrosse players of all ages and abilities and we believe the 10K Lacrosse System does just that.”

In addition to the 10K, Reebok is also introducing their first ever Women’s 9k O-Tech 3.0.3 Handle. Equipped with O-Ports in the handle to maximize speed and reduce drag, the 9K stick is Reebok’s first advancement in women’s lacrosse technology.

The 10K head and handle are approved for NCAA play in accordance with the 2010 NCAA specs. The 10K System is available at Lacrosse specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada.

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  1. david on December 21, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    The speed ports actually work, increased my speed on my shot atleast.

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