Review: Phantom Lacrosse Paradox Nano Shaft

It’s common among lacrosse players to associate a really light lacrosse shaft with the youth game where the checks aren’t strong enough to break a shaft in half like we have seen a few times in the college game.  I think finally Phantom finally found the formula for a ridiculously light shaft that can also be used for the college game.

Phantom Lacrosse has the claim to the lightest shaft on the market now with their new Nano Shaft coming in at just under 125 grams. That is a ridiculously light shaft. Obviously the first question is whether or not the shaft will break easily. I want to tell you that after playing with it for three months on the University of Maryland Club Lacrosse team (obligatory shout out to my boy, Brian Buskard, for trying to break it in practice) where we play with and against people that have the talent to play all levels of NCAA lacrosse, the Nana Shaft has help up beautifully. After all this time, the shaft has only one dent on it and I believe it was fro, taking a shot and someone threw their stick in from of mine so that is two combined forces for one small dent. That is really good.

This shaft, when combined with a lighter head (I used a Maverik Centrik U dyed with LaxDipDye), shows that it can be extremely balanced and a lethal offensive weapon. It almost feels like the only thing in your hands when your playing is just the ball. You can feel the ball in the pocket so well and every time it comes out, the vibrations can be felt in your hands.

Another small thing I liked about the shaft is that it is so clean. Barely any graphics except a few ghosted in ones. I like that direction that companies like Phantom are taking.

This shaft is for all levels of offensive play in my opinion and it will definitely help you gain a few MPH on your shot. I went from 92 to 96 MPH when I changed to this shaft. It has been amazing being able to use the Nano Shaft and the best thing of all is that it’s only $50.

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