Ripwood Lacrosse Shaft Review


October 4, 2018

Unlike most people who use a new carbon shaft or a regular metal shaft for their gamer, I actually use a wood shaft. Most wood shafts all look pretty similar, all are a bit heavier than other shafts, are very durable and they’re stiff yet have a bit of snap when you shoot. But when I first tried the Ripwood shaft I was floored by it.

Ripwood’s shafts are hand made with ash wood. Ash wood shafts are a bit lighter than hickory but are still very durable. The one I reviewed felt very balanced and great in hand. The painted shaft also has a great texture to it which gives you a bit of a tacky grip while still letting

Ripwood makes regular plain shafts but what I think really sets them apart from everyone else is the beautiful custom designs that they do. The one I tried out was a galaxy themed one and it is GORGEOUS. Probably one of the nicest lacrosse shafts I’ve ever seen. I paired it up with a Galaxy dyed head and galaxy painted leathers so the entire stick looks amazing. I’ve also seen some other different themed painted shafts that Ripwood has made and they are just as nice looking as my galaxy one.

I would highly recommend Ripwood shafts to anyone looking for a great looking wood shaft.

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