See which recruits have committed at your target schools


November 6, 2014

See which recruits have committed at your target schools

Over 4,000 2015 / 2016 commits are listed on the 1,400 college team profiles at Look up your target schools for free and see which recruits have committed at your position. View the hometown and high school of every recruit.

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Recruiting classes are puzzles that require specific pieces. Knowing which recruits have already committed at your position helps you save time by focusing on schools that need a player at your position.

Not sure which schools you should target? Our college matching service will help you create a personalized list of target schools for free. Find your college matches here:

Don’t feel like approaching college coaches at your tournaments. Didn’t see the coaches of your target schools on the sidelines. Don’t worry, ConnectLAX actively features your mobile recruiting profile to coaches at the schools you bookmark. Showcase your game and put your player info at the fingertips of every college coach with

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