Shoot n Scoop Review

The best way to improve is to improve your fundamentals. The innovative Shoot n Scoop is a helpful tool to develop your shooting skill.


The Shoot n Scoop was pretty easy to put together, taking less than ten minutes. All I had to do was to connect the frame to the base, put on the net and fill the base up with water to weigh it down.  The base is made of a tough, heavy plastic, the frame of PVC pipes and the net of a mesh that feels similar to hard lacrosse mesh (very similar to mesh I’ve seen in some box lacrosse goalie heads, if not the same stuff).

What stands the Shoot n Scoop apart from other targets is that it actually will return the ball to you once you shoot it in.  This helps players work on scooping the ball as well as shooting.  I set this up in my yard and have been shooting on it a good amount to test it out.  The mesh is very tight and doesn’t have much give to it, which makes it seem like it will take a pretty good beating and not rip.  I did notice however that about one out of every ten shots would rebound off the mesh, but it’s not the worst problem to have.  The base is nice and thick which should last a very long time without any issues.  It has a hole in the back that you fill with water or sand to hold it in place, which does its job quite well.  Even taking fast shots from pretty close to it, I wasn’t able to knock the Shoot n Scoop over (and I’m a beast with the shot speed, believe me).  The ball return feature does work okay.  Its not very predictable where the ball will actually roll out but it definitely beats digging balls out of a net.  I had a few issues with it on grass as the ball wasn’t rolling very far but it worked great on my driveway.


I think that the best use for the Shoot n Scoop is for teaching young kids the fundamental stick skills that are needed to play lacrosse.  It helps these players work on shooting at a target which is quite smaller than a field or box goal and it makes players scoop up the ball.  If you had a few of these there’s lots of great drills a coach could run during practice with the Shoot n Scoop, and it even comes with a packet of drills designed for it.  The other awesome use for the Shoot n Scoop would be for backyard one-on-one pickup games.  Sometimes playing backyard lax with friends, a full sized goal is too easy to shoot on.  Having the smaller target with the Shoot n Scoop is more challenging and a lot of fun. It’s also good for small places you can’t really fit a goal, such as a basement, garage, or even apartment building (I’m looking at you NYC residents).

Overall, the Shoot n Scoop is a good tool for working on lacrosse fundamentals, especially for players at a young age.  Although it may not be perfect for everyone, it is great for beginner level players looking to hone in their skills needed to get better on the field.

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