StringKing Lacrosse Hits Retail Stores


May 2, 2013

StringKing Lacrosse has been growing rapidly since their launch just a couple months ago! Sales have been great in their first retailer, Commonwealth Lacrosse (ComLax). The employees continue to rave about the mesh and say their customers are extremely impressed with the product. Why wouldn’t they be? StringKing mesh is not a gimmick drenched in a flakey wax to cover up the naturally inferior base material. StringKing mesh is reengineered from the ground up. Made from inherently superior materials specifically chosen to handle the riggers of lacrosse. Manufactured with relentless quality inspections to optimize consistency throughout production, resulting in the most consistent performing mesh piece you’ll ever use. String up a new pocket with StringKing mesh and compare it to a new pocket using ANY other kind of mesh…the difference will be clear. Throw the ball around with both new pockets and the difference will be shockingly clear.

As of today StringKing is available in 7 retail chains across 14 states and they’re expanding by the day! Currently, ComLax covers 6 states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Total Lacrosse has a serious presence in Missouri, Illinois, and Washington DC. Tribal West Lacrosse has a beautiful shop up in Utah. Voodoo Lacrosse is currently the only store in Delaware where you can find StringKing. LaxPros in Maine is excited to be selling the product and Tama Lacrosse is covering Colorado. The newest retailer is Adrenaline/South Swell, who have locations in California and Texas. Head to any of the stores mentioned above and check out their products first hand! Each retail store can also string up a proper StringKing pocket in your favorite head. Stop by any of the stores and learn more!

Looking for more information or to place an order for yourself? Check out their site or feel free to contact them at Don’t forget to say hi on Instagram: @stringkinglacrosse or Twitter: @stringkinglax #maketheswitch

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