SwaxLax Pro-Grip Training Ball Review


March 12, 2018

When it came out, I reviewed the original SwaxLax training ball and saw a ton of benefits to using it (read that review here).  I thought it was great for kids learning to play the game, who might be afraid of getting hit with the ball. The ball didn’t have any bounce and was soft, while still being the same weight and shape as a standard lacrosse ball. This made it not hurt when kids would get hit with it and it would let players use it when cradling around the house without damaging anything, which was my main use for it.  The one big issue I saw with the original SwaxLax ball was that since it was smooth and slippery, it wasn’t able to be used well for playing catch or hitting a rebounder, since the ball would leave the stick inconsistently, like a greaser. With their new Pro-Grip version of the ball, SwaxLax solved this issue. With a grippy coating, the new SwaxLax Pro-Grip is great for playing catch or shooting while still having all the benefits of the original SwaxLax ball. I’d highly recommend the Swax-Lax Pro-Grip to anyone.

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