Falcone Zone #1: Intro to Stringing and Dyeing

By Lacrosse Playground | November 18, 2015 |

Howdy, I’m the new resident stringing and dying writer for Lacrosse Playground. The Falcone Zone will feature my work, the … Read more

Shoutout: Goalies

By Lacrosse Playground | October 14, 2015 |

Another lovely dye-and-string job from @goaliestrings.

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Grip ‘N Rip: Ty Thompson’s Maverik Metrik

By Lacrosse Playground | February 11, 2014 |
Ty Thompson (SUNY Albany, Sr.) is a long time supporter and customer of Chillax Customs. Chillax Customs has been on a hiatus recently, but Nick Coyne is making some noise again with this Maverik Metrik head that he dyed and strung for Ty. Read More...

Volt Nike Lakota Sunrise Dye

By Lacrosse Playground | May 16, 2013 |
Mainely Mesh, founded by a Haverford College player, is a new dyeing and mesh purveyor on the rise. Mainely Mesh recently sent in images of their latest, the Volt Nike Lakota Sunrise Dye. Read More...

Hopkins, Mad Dog Dye Job

By Lacrosse Playground | May 8, 2013 |
Mike Poppleton (Hopkins #29) contacted me about dying a couple heads; one Hopkins themed and the other Mad Dog themed. Both were simple dyes with nothing too elaborate. The part I like best about the Hopkins colored one was the text "We Want More". The Mad Dog head had roughly the same pattern. Read More...

Kameleon Lacrosse Custom Designs

By Lacrosse Playground | December 17, 2012 |
Kameleon Lacrosse specializes in creating custom designs for teams and individual players to change the look of their current gear as well as to new gear they are looking to purchase. Kameleon Lacrosse adds uniqueness and cool at the same time, with a guarantee that their customers will stand out on and off the field. Read More..

University of Virginia Lacrosse Renews Partnership With Stylin Strings

By Lacrosse Playground | October 25, 2012 |
As you might recall the dyeing/stringing gurus, Stylin' Strings, partnered with the Virginia Lacrosse team last Spring. What started as trading emails with head coach Dom Starsia and receiving Virginia's blessing to use the school's logos soon grew into an official partnership. Lacrosse Playground contributor, Peter Carey, stopped by UVA's campus yesterday to get an exclusive preview of the team's custom stringing for 2013. Read More...

Brady’s Bunch Lacrosse Custom Dye

By Lacrosse Playground | October 5, 2012 |
If you aren't familiar with Brady's Bunch, they play for Brady Lyn Arthur Wein & everyone whose family has been affected by cancer. They are a good group of guys that play for an unbelievable cause. A player from the team recently contacted me to dye a head for him with a Brady's Bunch theme. Read More...

Stylin’ Strings Goes to Europe Part 1 of 2

By Lacrosse Playground | July 31, 2012 |
For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Customs, we had the honor of making 24 lacrosse heads themed after 12 of the countries playing in the Euro World Games held in Amsterdam. They were themed based on the countries flag, logos, emblems, and colors. Read More...

How To Dye A Goalie Head

By Lacrosse Playground | July 23, 2012 |
I was asked to dye a pair of goalie heads for a player at Hofstra, so we started out with their colors and tried to keep it simple. Because the scoop of the goalie head is so wide, it really makes cutting the letters out much easier. I drew the letters with a sharpie onto my electrical tape, and the cut them out using the trusty Xacto blade. Read More...

RipNet Lacrosse Technology Contracts Stylin’ Strings Lax

By Lacrosse Playground | April 25, 2012 |
For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Customs we solidified a creative marketing partnership with RipNet, a new lacrosse technology that is like no other. We wanted to take their logo and make a stick that matches how unique the platform of RipNet is. Here is a look at the two complete chopped customs and a new lacrosse technology that has the potential to change the game. Read More...

Rit Dye…The Original

By Lacrosse Playground | April 24, 2012 |
These days manufacturers are customizing and dyeing heads in ways people could have never imagined back in the day. These mass produced heads are located all over the globe in just about every retail store. It is important to remember the pioneers of dyeing and the individuality and hard work it takes to dye your own head. Read More...