The Maryland Fashionistas


May 4, 2011

University of Maryland’s Sports Information Director, Patrick Fischer, recently wrote a post for about the lacrosse team’s 24 uniform combinations.

Traditionally, the Terps have worn white at home and red on the road. Occasionally throughout the years black jerseys were worn. Helmets have usually been black or white, but red has also been spotted at times. The debut of the new gold jerseys in the opener vs. Detroit Mercy caused a lot of chatter (some good, some bad). The addition of gold shorts for the UNC game in March added another element.

All of this raises the question – How many combinations do the Terps have? The answer (not including shoes) is 24 (2 helmets x 3 jerseys x 4 shorts) and so far in 2011, outside of the ACC tournament, the Terps have not worn the same combination twice.

Uniforms are a big part of a team’s program. It seems silly to many, but kids choose their favorite teams because of their jerseys. Kids become enamored by them and subsequently become huge fans. Oftentimes, these huge fans decide to go to their favorite school. Uniforms not only lend themselves to having fun with your school’s colors, but they also attract fans and recruits. Oregon football ring a bell? Nike? Under Armour? Maryland may see more of an influx down the road.


ps I like the gold tops and black bottoms. What say you?

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