The Next Big Pocket | String League Finale

Welcome to String League, lacrosse’s biggest stringing competition. This is the Finale! Each contestant was challenged to string their best most functional pocket in their STX Surgeon 500. Each Judge chose their top 3 favorites and the final points were tallied to decide our winner. Conor Wilson from LAX Allstars chose #3 as @oldratlax, #2 @lacrosseman, and #1 @brostrings, #2 as @lacrosseman. Next Greg Rose from Encore Lacrosse selected # as @brostrings, #2 @mclaxstrings, and #1 @lacrosseman. Then Greg from East Coast Dyes chose #3 as @brostrings, #2 @mclaxstrings, and #1 @lacrosseman. Up next Jim from JimAlax chose #3 as @brostrings, #2 as @lacrosseman, and #1 @mclaxstrings. Finally Justin from Stylin Strings chose #3 as @laxisbae, #2 @mclaxstrings and as #1 @lacrosseman. And when the points were all counted the winner of the frist Stringleague competition is @lacrosseman who with winning becomes a sponsored Stylin Strings Stringer – get supplies at 10% off for a year, any dyed head & unstrung head of your choice. A piece of every sponsors mesh. 1 Stringing kit of choice, tshirt, and the winning pocket is a featured pocket on Stylin Strings in which a royalty could potentially accrue credit toward SS purchases and an Official String League Dyed/Strung Head mounted to a wood frame as a trophy. Second place is @mclaxstrings who will receive one piece of every manufacturers Mesh, String League T-shirt, Stylin Strings T-shirt, & 1 stringing Kit of choice. And winning the 3rd place prize is @oldratlax who wins a T-shirt, & 1 stringing Kit of choice! We want to thank you for following String League all of our finalists @brostrings, @laxisbae, @lacrosseman, @oldratlax,@mclaxstrings and finally all of our sponsors that have helped make this a great competition make sure you check them out! The Lacrosse Network, Stylin Strings, Throne of String, East Coast Dyes, Encore Lacrosse, LAX Allstars, STX, and JimAlax. Until Next Year….

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