TRUE COMP SF 4.0 HD Shaft Review

A majority of the carbon fiber shafts that I have used in the past, although great for field lacrosse, I would not quite trust to take the abuse and punishment that comes from box lacrosse. When I tried the TRUE COMP SF 4.0 HD, I was definitely impressed by the durability of the shaft for the box game.


The COMP SF 4.0 HD is the heavy duty version of TRUE’s best selling carbon fiber shaft.  The 4.0 HD is available in a box length of 32 inches (you could cut it down like I did to the standard 30 inches for field or if you like to have a standard length shaft for box) as well as a 60 inch d-pole.  With much thicker sidewalls and a bit more heft and weight, the HD is meant to take the abuse of cross checks and slashes in box lacrosse.  I used the shaft in several box games and have had zero issues with the shaft.


Although the COMP SF 4.0 HD is heavier than the standard 4.0 as well as most other carbon fiber shafts, it is still pretty light compared to other box specific shafts and the weight still feels quite good in your hand. I don’t mind a bit heavier of a shaft as it makes the stick feel more balanced so I liked the feel of the HD with a head on it.  The shape of the shaft is a slightly concave shaft which along with the sandpaper coating gives a good grip on the stick.

The TRUE COMP SF 4.0 HD has a Flex 5, which is pretty much the standard on most carbon shafts today. This gives you a nice extra snap from the flex on shots while still staying stiff on checks and passes.


The HD version of the COMP SF 4.0 is only available in black with white text, looking super clean. The black and white look matches great with any color head.

The COMP SF 4.0 HD comes with a good six month warranty.

Overall, I was really impressed with the COMP SF 4.0 HD shaft.  This shaft gives a ton of durability while still having the benefits of a carbon fiber shaft and a good amount of flex.  I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a good carbon fiber shaft that could take a lot of abuse, especially in the game of box lacrosse.

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