Turkey Lacrosse Association is Seeking a Head Coach to Bring Them to Greatness

Turkey Lacrosse Association

The Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) announced they are actively seeking a head Coach for their national team for the 2013-2014 seasons. The TLA is preparing themselves for the 2014 Denver games that will attract approximately 40 nations to compete in the largest FIL World Lacrosse Championships to date in July 2014.

Turkey began lacrosse in late 2009 and has steadily grown since then; they hosted their first international lacrosse tournament in June 2012. It was dubbed the “BUZZER LACROSSE OPEN,” which was named after its main sponsor for the tournament, BUZZER, an energy drink company based out of Turkey. National teams from Bulgaria and Israel joined Turkey for this 3 day affair with Israel walking away with the title. After this tournament, Israel’s Executive Director, Scott Neiss and Turkey’s Executive Director, Patrick Dougherty, decided to begin an annual friendly between both nations with each nation travelling to each other’s country. In 2013, Turkey will travel to Israel for the second installment of this friendly in July.

“This is a great opportunity for both our nations to understand one another on and off the field and allow our players to grow together,” states Dougherty, “Turkey lacrosse and Israel lacrosse have become brotherly programs helping to bridge differences between these two nations’ views towards one another. The annual event is being coined the “Mediterranean Cup.”

Now Turkey will host their very first national team tryouts June 28-30, 2013, in preparation for the Mediterranean Cup, and thus combining both events together. Here’s a the link to a slideshow presentation:

Furthermore, the TLA is hosting its second international tournament in September 2013 and this one will be epic from the looks of it. The Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013 will take place September 23-28 in Alanya, Turkey, at ALL-INCLUSIVE resort. Yes, that means ALL -INCLUSIVE folks on the Mediterranean Sea. This is being billed as the largest lacrosse event in Europe for 2013 with 16 men’s and 10 women’s teams from around the world.

Professional lacrosse players giving clinics at the event include, but not limited to Kyle Sweeney, Johnny Christmas, Casey Powell, and Jordan Hall to name a few. This event has too many activities to mention such as beach lacrosse and a main tournament in a 15,000 seat stadium, plus more. Follow the link to see this epic lacrosse festival for all the details (warning- this presentation may give you lax overload as the TLA is continuously updating it with new information and activities): http://www.slideshare.net/TurkeyLacrosseOpen/turkey-lacrosse-open-2013.

This now brings us to the TLA seeking a Head Coach. Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director and interim head coach, states, “We are looking for an individual to lead our coaching staff for the upcoming events in 2013 and lead us to greatness in 2014 Denver. I am currently the HC for the national team and with my age, I still have a few years to play and feel our national team will be best served if I am on the field and allow someone with more coaching experience to take over. I want to learn from those who are better than I and this will truly benefit our program in its entirety.”

If you would like to know more about the HC position for Turkey, then please email [email protected].

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