Under Armour Headline Goalie Head: Guest Review by Redbeard

When Under Armour asked us to take on their Headline goalie head, we had to call in the best goalie blogger around, Mr. @redbeard_lax aka Travis Sandin:



Under Armour has made some huge strides in lacrosse since getting back into the game. With their full line of player gear for field and box they included a goalie head, the Headline. Priced at $74.99 it is one of the most cost effective elite level heads on the market.  


Right off the bat the look and face shape of the head is very appealing. The profile of the head has a slight layback, similar to a STX Eclipse, giving you a very smooth and consistent release when throwing a ball. The scoop is angled perfectly to lay flat on the ground giving you the most surface area possible when scooping ground balls around the crease.


The sidewall holes are great and there are plenty of them. Their unique shape makes them big enough to get more than one string through to lock down knots. The only negative I have is there are only 11 sidewall holes that are fairly spaced out. The ability to string this head was very easy but you can never have to many holes when dealing with goalie mesh.  

One of the things that really drew me to like this head is its strength to weight ratio. The Headline’s sidewall struts are burrowed out to cut down on weight but still keeps the head stiff. It is very important to me as a goaltender to know my head will not flex backwards when making a save. The other plus is I know the head will not and the warp over time from regular use.


In conclusion I have to give the Under Armour Headline an eight out of ten for it string ability, price point, and its strength to weight ratio.




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