Jack Lambert from Business Journal reports Warrior is suing Under Armour alleging UA copied the trademark design of its lacrosse stick heads. Warrior subsequently is asking the court to order Under Armour to cease production of the product. Warrior would also like Under Armour Sports Inc. to pay an unspecified amount in damages. Which piece of lacrosse equipment does Warrior think UA is infringing upon? Warrior alleges copied the “Brine Clutch Trade Dress.” One UA head we believe resembles the Brine Clutch is the Player head by Under Armour (shown above). Oh, btw, this is the second time this year Warrior Sports Inc. has filed suit against Under Armour. Learn more about the first suit at Scribd.com.

  1. the first suit was on the player glove for the floating cuff patent. this new one is on the unleashed head that is coming out soon for looking too much like a clutch.

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