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A little while ago I was contacted by an old high school teammate of mine, Danny Glading, to dye up some 1Love themed heads for him, Ken Clausen, and Brian Carroll so they can show there love and support for the foundation. He asked to have them in their current team colors: Bayhawks and Outlaws. The baby blue wasn’t in the Bayhawks uniforms, however it is part of the organization’s.

The process wasn’t too hard minus getting a good heart shape done. The heads that were sent did well in having the logo at the top and they stand out well. I alternated the logo and the #1 to give them a different color each and like I said to represent each MLL team respectively. The hot glue pattern was something Danny asked for specifically and I always find looks great but with only half the head that way much more classy. After three rounds for each I think the heads came out well.

Dye Tip of the Job: When dying orange over gray. If you go too dark on the gray the orange will come out burnt orange (like a certain Alzheimer’s game played a few months back). So go as light as possible on the gray before overlapping with sunshine orange. Unless you want the burnt look and then the darker the better I guess.

Click HERE to learn more about the One Love Foundation.

For more questions about the dye feel free to email me at [email protected] and follow me on twitter @49KingDyes. Check out more photos at the King Dyes group on facebook.

Disclaimer: I want to make a point for the 1Love organization that this job was done completely for free, there was no payment of any kind received for doing these heads for these gentlemen and was just to help raise support for the organization. If you need confirmation on that feel free to contact the recipients. That being said I will not be doing any more of these heads unless 1Love gives me permission.

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    Great work, Matt!

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