Major League Lacrosse teams will be adorning new headwear this season. A good amount of the teams will be adding flair with the addition of Chrome face masks. Today we will take a close look at the Hamilton Nationals helmets for 2012. The lid is a White Pro7. The mask is Orange Chrome compared to Tungsten in 2011.The mohawk and visor decals are Orange. The vents are Purple. One of the many unique components to the design is the Orange/Purple Maple Leaf logo on the sides of the lid. The Orange/White chin strap is embellished with an Orange MLL logo which is also new this year.

A breakthrough in high performance impact attenuation. 7 years in development, the linchpin to this lid is the patented SevenTechnology liner. Cascade introduced EPP liners to lacrosse in 1989 and every lacrosse helmet has featured it since, it’s time for another evolution. Add in the SuperMono Shell & ProFit system and you have the most advanced helmet lacrosse has ever seen. Yet, another disruptive technology brought to you by the masterminds at Cascade Sports. Mask available in Tungsten, Chromanium or Gold Chromanium. One size fits most.

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