ProAthletics will be using their Facebook page and Apparel Designer for a new contest to start the year off right. The contest is challenging, but the prize will make the sacrifice well worth it. Here are the rules:

ProAthletics will be posting their TOP 20 artwork proofs from 2011 on their Facebook Page in a Gallery Folder called Pro TOP 20 for 2011. On 14 of the 20 images there will be a single random White letter. It is your job to collect all 14 letters and use them to decipher a 3 word phrase. Once you have figured out the phrase, you will need to complete a URL that will take you to a hidden page on their website. Once you get to this page, you will be given the final instructions on how to proceed using the Apparel Designer. The top 10 people to submit the correctly designed apparel by uploading the image to ProAthletics Facebook wall on Friday January 6th will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will receive 18 pairs of shorts designed any way they want!

Once you have figured out the phrase you will need to put those letters into the following URL and enter that URL into your web browser EXACTLY as shown. DO NOT include the apostrophe and make sure there are NO SPACES between words. If you are correct you will be taken to the secret page. If not you will be sent to an error page. Here is the URL:

Good luck!!!