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2021 Mock PLL Entry Draft

The PLL Entry Draft is less than 24 hours away and who each team is picking is still very much up in the air (except when it comes to the #1 pick of course). In the past few days, some coaches have tipped their hands, while others have kept their plans closer to the chest. Furthermore, some big-name players like Graeme Hossack, Dylan Molloy and Kevin Crowley have signed with the league just days before the draft.

Yet, after undergoing several changes (some occurring since our mock draft podcast episode), our mock drafts are ready to be read by the public. However, if you don’t like to read, you could always listen to our latest podcast episode as well. With that said, let’s get started…

Mock PLL Entry Draft – Round 1

Adam Moore

11Cannons LCLyleThompsonA
12Archers LCGraemeHossackD
13Atlas LCDanBucaroA
14Waterdogs LCLiamByrnesD
15Chrome LCRandyStaatsA
16Cannons LCZachGoodrichSSDM
17Whipsnakes LCNickManisSSDM
18Chaos LCMaxAdlerFO

You could argue that the draft really begins with the 2nd pick and the Archers, as Lyle is the unanimous first pick heading to Coach Sean Quirk’s Cannons. While Lyle has been a lock for the top spot since the merger, I only recently switched my stance on the #2 selection with the announcement that Graeme Hossack would be joining the PLL.

The reigning three-time NLL Defensive Player of the Year will fit in nicely with the Archers’ defense, particuraly after they lost Curtis Corley to Cannons LC in the PLL Expansion Draft. The round concludes with Coach Towers getting a guy at the stripe in Max Adler. And before you say anything, yes, I also think I am crazy to think that Randy Staats falls to the Chrome at pick four, but given his time with Chrome LC Coach Tim Soudan, it’s the perfect match.

Hutton Jackson

11Cannons LCLyleThompsonA
12Archers LCGraemeHossackD
13Atlas LCDanBucaroA
14Waterdogs LCRandyStaatsA
15Chrome LCLiamByrnesD
16Cannons LCZachGoodrichSSDM
17Whipsnakes LCIsaiahDavis-AllenSSDM
18Chaos LCMaxAdlerFO

Consider me firmly on the “Graeme Hossack is the best pole available” train. He will terror opposing offenses when he returns to the field this summer. While Hossack’s addition shifted my mock a bit, I still have Dan Bucaro going to the Atlas at #3 and Liam Byrnes getting scooped up by Chrome LC. However, Randy Staats is too good for the Waterdogs to pass on and they draft him at #4 to help reshape an offense that struggled last year.

The best short-stick-defensive midfielders available in Zach Goodrich and Isaiah Davis-Allen go to the Cannons and Whipsnakes at #6 and #7 respectfully. IDA’s addition to the Whips is not only helps fill the void left by Ty Warner, but adds yet another former Terp to the Maryland-heavy roster.

Mock PLL Entry Draft – Round 2

Adam Moore

29Atlas LCBenRandallD
210Archers LCChallenRogersM
211Redwoods LCMikieSchlosserM
212Waterdogs LCWarrenJeffreyD
213Chrome LCSeanScononeG
214Atlas LCRyanLeeA
215Whips LCBryanColeM
216Chaos LCIsaiahDavis-AllenSSDM

A number of strong defenders go off my board in the second round in addition to the first goalie taken. Coach Tim Soudan said he wanted to find his next franchise goalie in the PLL Entry Draft. Who better to take than the reigning two-time MLL Goalie of the Year in Sean Sconone?

The Redwoods make their first selection of the night and take former Denver Outlaw Mikie Schlosser. Can’t you just picture him in a Woods jersey? I also have the Archers picking up one of my favorite players in the draft, Challen Rogers. The Toronto Rock captain’s versatility will fit in nicely with Coach Chris Bates’s squad.

Hutton Jackson

29Atlas LCBenRandallD
210Archers LCBryanColeA/M
211Redwoods LCMikieSchlosserM
212Waterdogs LCWarrenJeffreyD
213Chrome LCRyanLeeA
214Atlas LCChallenRogersM
215Whipsnakes LCMark CockertonA
216Chaos LCDylanMolloyA

Graeme Hossack’s presence caused my previously favorite pole in the draft, Ben Randall, to fall to the second round. The Atlas would be thrilled to land a defender who led the MLL in caused turnovers in 2018 (pre-PLL) and 2020. Randall has also covered the likes of Lyle Thompson and Matt Rambo during his pro and college career and would make an immediate impact on the Atlas.

Since the Archers fill their need at pole with Hossack, I had them going after Bryan Cole in the second round. Cole is a big-bodied lefty who can play on attack or midfield and could be yet another weapon on an already loaded offense. Warren Jeffrey is another pole getting a lot of love leading up to the draft and since the Waterdogs went with an offensive guy in the first round, I have them taking Moose in round two.

My favorite three picks of the second round are the Chrome adding electric finisher Ryan Lee, who would pair great with a number of Chrome attackers, Whipsnakes adding veteran attackman Mark Cockerton, who can be another weapon at Jim Stagnitta’s disposal, and the versatile Dylan Molloy, who could improve an already loaded Chaos attack. Molloy’s status had been up in the air up until Monday when he officially signed with the league, which is why he hasn’t appeared on many mocks, but I think he’s too good for Coach Andy Towers to pass on.

Mock PLL Entry Draft – Round 3

Adam Moore

317Cannons LCNickMarroccoG
318Archers LCTommyPalasekM
319Redwoods LCCJCostabileLSM
320Waterdogs LCBryceWassermanA
321Chrome LCMattAbbottSSDM
322Atlas LCAndrewKewA
323Whipsnakes LCColinHeacockA/M
324Chaos LCShayneJacksonA

The third round opens up with Coach Quirk reuniting with the keeper who he just won an MLL championship with in Nick Marrocco. I can’t really see Nick suiting up for anyone else. This will be the second former Cannon that I have Coach Quirk grabbing after taking Zach Goodrich sixth overall. Another reunion I’m manifesting is that between Colin Heacock and Matt Rambo on the Whips. The two attackman lit it up for the Terps during their time in college, but I think Heacock’s transition as a dual threat in the pro game makes him a perfect candidate to replace the hole at midfield left by Max Tuttle.

I have Tommy Palasek joining an already loaded Archers offense in the final round. He was part of the 2015 New York Lizards MLL championship run, as well as the most prolific offense in MLL history in the 2019 Atlanta Blaze, so I expect his name to be called on Thursday. Coach Rubeor continues to rebuild his offense with his last selection, Andrew Kew. The former Bayhawk’s range will come in handy for Rubeor’s revamped offense. With the last pick in the draft, I have Coach Towers taking Shayne Jackson. This pick goes to show the depth of the draft when the reigning NLL MVP goes with the final pick of the night.

Hutton Jackson

317Cannons LCNickMarroccoG
318Archers LCChrisAslanianA/M
319Redwoods LCColinHeacockA/M
320Waterdogs LCBryceWassermanA
321Chrome LCSeanScononeG
322Atlas LCMattAbbottSSDM
323Whipsnakes LCCJCostabileLSM
324Chaos LCMichaelRexrodeD

My third round was similar to Adam’s mock in that I too see Marrocco landing on the Cannons again, Bryce Wasserman going to the Waterdogs and Sconone going to the Chrome (albeit a round later than Adam). Yet, we differed on several other picks. I think Chris Aslanian is a huge sleeper in this draft and I have the Archers taking him with the plan to run him from the midfield. Aslanian is a lights out shooter and can play all over the field.

I also would love to see Matt Abbott reunited with his former Bayhawks teammate and Atlas coach Ben Rubeor. The Atlas are in need of a veteran presence after trading almost all of their vets away this offseason, and Abbott can serve that role while also being one of the best short-stick defenders in the league. Another former Bayhawks veteran I want to see drafted is CJ Costabile. He would be the perfect one-two punch with LSM Michael Ehrhardt and could even provide some relief to Joe Nardella at the stripe (not that he needs it). Costabile has also played close defense during his pro career, which makes him a versatile option that Stags is looking for.

Top Prospects That Missed the Cut

The talent joining the league this spring is truly incredible. There could have easily been four or five rounds filled with starting-caliber players. With 240 training camp spots up for grabs, you can expect a dozen or so of the players who go undrafted Thursday to find a starting role this summer. That being said, we had to narrow our lists to 24, and that left us with a handful of big-name guys off our lists.

A few we toyed with taking on the offensive end were Mark Matthews, Garrett Thul and Chris Hogan. All three players are in their early 30’s, which is why we they ultimately fell off our boards, but the odds that Matthews lands on a roster this summer are round 99% and the physicality and past athletic achievements of both Thul and Hogan make them prime candidates to make a roster as well. We also wouldn’t be completely shocked if any of them heard their names called on Thursday.

Ryan McNamara is another potential sleeper in the vein of Chris Aslanian or Tommy Palasek, with a track record of production, despite very few people talking about him. McNamara finished in the MLL’s Top 20 in points the year prior to the founding of the PLL, was a member of the 2017 Tim Soudan-led Rattlers team and has proven to be one of the most prolific shooters from range at the midfield.

On the defensive end, Alex Spring, Andrew Newbold, Kyle Pless and Matt Gilray are all guys who could round out the top 10 list of defenders joining the PLL. Expect Coach Quirk to add them or a few other members from his Boston Cannons team like Justin Pugal and James Fahey to his defense during the waiver wire period.

At short-stick defensive midfield, there are several great options with Carlson Milikin, Charlie Hayes, Mark Ellis and Pat Aslanian standing out as guys who will likely get a look during the waiver wire period.

While goaltending is a position fairly set in the PLL, a few guys who could end up at camp and make some noise are Brian Phipps, Chris Madalon or Nick Washuta. While it’s save to say that Sconone and Marrocco will be the only two former MLL netminders in the running for a starting job, there are still plenty of backup spots available in the league.

Finally, faceoff is a position that may not get much love during the draft, but Kevin Reisman, who ranked second in faceoff percentage in the MLL last year, could get some looks in this draft and will definitely get an invite to camp if he goes undrafted.

Potential Waiver Wire Adds

Attack: Bradley Voigt, Brendan Sunday, Ben Martin, Connor O’Hara, John Upgren, Kevin Crowley, Mark Matthews, Nate Solomon, Will Sands

Midfield: Brendan Bomberry, Brian Kormondy, Chris Hogan, Frank Brown, Garrett Thul, Jack Jasinski, Justin Reh, Kiel Matisz, Kyle Denhoff, Kyle Jackson, Luke Wittenberg, Nicky Galasso, Nick Mariano, Ryan McNamara, Tim Barber

SSDM: Carlson Milikin, Chad Toliver, Charlie Hayes, Drew Schantz, Mark Ellis, Pat Aslanian

LSM: Alex Spring, Chase Levesque, Latrell Harris, Scott Corcoran

Defense: Andrew Newbold, Greg Weyl, James Fahey, James Leary, Justin Pugal, Kyle Pless, Matt Gilray, Will Nowesnick

Goalie: Austin Kaut, Brian Phipps, Chris Madalon, Christian Knight, Nick Washuta

FO: Casey Dowd, Kenny Massa, Kevin Reisman, Noah Rak

Pro Lacrosse Talk was created by Adam Moore and Hutton Jackson, two former NCAA athletes and lifetime lacrosse fans who recognized the need for a platform devoted solely to professional lacrosse. The Pro Lacrosse Talk podcast is the first and only podcast covering all three professional lacrosse leagues (NLL, PLL, Athletes Unlimited) and remains the main source for pro lacrosse news.

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