PLL Week 2 Charlotte Primer

Almost everything we are watching heading into the second week of the PLL season.

Chaotic Roster Movement

We tweeted this earlier today:

Moments ago, they announced their gameday roster. First round draft pick Zach Geddes out.

Wes Berg in.

Austin Staats…in!

The league issued this formal release prior to Staats appearing on the Chaos roster.

Be honest, you didn’t think Austin was ever playing in the PLL again did you? The replies to that announcement tweet are incredible.

How much better does the Week 2 Chaos roster look than Week 1?

Who do you imagine loses their roster spot when the Bandits return?

Is there someone on the Bandits you believe won’t get a spot?

If the Chaos win this weekend, they have to feel better about giving some or all of their NLL players a week to recover after the finals, no?

Archers or Chaos

Which winless team cannot afford a loss this weekend? Asked a different way, which 0-1 team needs a win this weekend?

The Chaos have a ton of experience pretending to be bad (Utah) before turning it on. They also knew they were going to be short handed at the start of this PLL season. They have built in and very reasonable excuses for not getting off to a fast start in 2022.

The Archers, despite the sudden injury of Ament, should have had enough pieces to defeat a rebuilt Cannons roster. Instead, they were losing 8-3 at half. For a team that has struggled to get over the hump and been labeled as frauds by Evan Molloy, they cannot fall to 0-2 regardless of Ament’s lack of availability.

No Carraway for Week 2

This is the first mistake general manager and head coach Ben Rubeor has made since taking over.

The training camp debate over Law, Gray, and Carraway’s usage proved to be wasted breath as Carraway was not even given a gameday roster spot.

As soon as Rubeor felt like this was the move, Rubeor should have traded Carraway for draft picks or packaged him up with their many draft picks to secure a clear number one goalie.

Carraway is now a distressed asset and will only plummet in value the longer he isn’t playing. What could is mindset be if he is asked to dressed after this weekend? Will it be because of an injury? If so, how much will he press in game to keep his roster spot?

To make matters worse, the entire league now knows the Atlas don’t trust their goaltending situation. A two goalie system means you don’t have a starter. If the Atlas were to approach another team about making a move they would be operating from a position of significant disadvantage.

The Schedule Format

Do you prefer Saturday Sunday slate or Friday Saturday games?

Sunday will be a slow lacrosse day compared to last weekend but you have to schedule as many games as night during the summer to ensure kids who are playing in summer tournaments have the opportunity to watch live.

Website Criticism

Once again, why do the coaches not have updated photos?

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