ECD Mirage Review

By Lacrosse Playground | May 10, 2017 |

East Coast Dyes has been very successful at everything that they’ve done so far.  First their East Coast Mesh, then … Read more

Maverik Tactik Review

By Lacrosse Playground | January 25, 2017 |

Over the past few years,  Maverik has become known to pump out a really good flagship head every year, including … Read more

Wolf Athletics Rekon Head & Aura Mesh Kit Review

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Recently, two companies that were known for pushing the market with new and innovative products; Wolf Athletics, known for their … Read more

Maverik Centrik (HS/U) Review

By Lacrosse Playground | July 20, 2016 |

With the Optik (check out my review here), Maverik released a fantastic head that was really great for … Read more

Under Armour Headline Goalie Head: Guest Review by Redbeard

By Lacrosse Playground | April 4, 2016 |

When Under Armour asked us to take on their Headline goalie head, we had to call in the best goalie Read more

Vogl Patriot Head and Vogl Limited Edition Carbon Shaft Reviews

By Lacrosse Playground | February 29, 2016 |

As a face off guy, I break a lot of heads.  Replacing these heads could get very expensive (damn Blade’s). … Read more

Under Armour Command Release Review

By Lacrosse Playground | February 16, 2016 |



Anyone looking at Under Armour’s 2016 line up will be incredibly impressed. The Command is probably their best head … Read more

StringKing Mark I head & A7150 shaft

By Lacrosse Playground | February 5, 2016 |

Most will agree that StringKing lived up to the hype when they released the Metal and Metal Plus shafts before … Read more

The Hawk Sequel is here

By Lacrosse Playground | November 24, 2015 |

Epoch unveiled The Hawk Sequel today. Check it out:

Epoch’s heads are known for their durability, but the Sequel’s technology … Read more

STX Stallion U550

By Lacrosse Playground | October 26, 2015 |

The STX Stallion was one of their first high level head in a long time that wasn’t a Proton model … Read more

STX Duel Review

By Lacrosse Playground | October 23, 2015 |

STX spent a lot of time developing a faceoff head in order to do it right. The STX Duel was … Read more

The Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head Gear Review

By Lacrosse Playground | December 11, 2014 |
The Epoch Hawk is their first attempt at making a head for any player but definitely marketed towards the elite player. After using the head it really fits the needs of just about anyone on the field. Just like every product Epoch makes they have put a ton of time in research and development with the Hawk and it really does show when you pick it up to shoot around. Read More...