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PLL Team MVP Predictions

By Lacrosse Playground | May 11, 2023 |
The 2023 season is just a few weeks ago.

Custom Epoch Integra Gloves for PLL Championship Series

By Lacrosse Playground | February 20, 2023 |

The PLL Championship Series kicks of Wednesday in Springfield, Virginia.

Epoch sent some new gloves down for the sixes event.… Read more

Premier Lacrosse Free Agency Notes

By Lacrosse Playground | November 2, 2022 |
It has been all quiet on the PLL hot stove for now but any moment that could change. A few things to consider.

PLL Free Agency Questions

By Lacrosse Playground | October 25, 2022 |
PLL free agency will provide a new wave of professional field lacrosse content.

Which Title Window Closed on the 2022 PLL Semifinalists

By Lacrosse Playground | October 12, 2022 |
Of the last four teams standing at the end of this season, who won't have a chance to be back?

PLL Week 13 Betting with Billy Costigan

By Lacrosse Playground | September 11, 2022 |
Second to last PLL weekend of the season starts now.

PLL Week 13 Washington DC Primer

By Lacrosse Playground | September 8, 2022 |
We're on to Washington DC for the PLL semifinals. And, we're hoping there isn't a title game rematch.

PLL Week 12 Betting with Billy Costigan

By Lacrosse Playground | September 3, 2022 |
There are only six games left to bet on this season. Three of them are today.

PLL Week 12 Foxboro Primer

By Lacrosse Playground | September 2, 2022 |
Three eulogies will be written tomorrow.

PLL Award Finalists

By Lacrosse Playground | September 1, 2022 |
Who will collect the individual hardware at the end of September?

PLL MVP Thoughts

By Lacrosse Playground | August 25, 2022 |
Is the MVP race really as wide open as we think it is?

PLL Week 11 Betting with Billy Costigan

By Lacrosse Playground | August 21, 2022 |
Who is making some extra lunch money during the final weekend of regular season PLL action?