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Whiteboard Buddies is an organic collection of everything I’ve learned from my playing days and coaching days since 2000.

From losing to Ridley in the Pennsylvania state finals, to losing to Brother Rice in the MSLA A bracket finals, to losing to Salisbury in the first round of the NCAA tournament, to blowing a 4 goal lead with nine minutes to play to Purdue in the GRLC conference tournament game, to losing back to back to Minnesota state titles to Prior Lake after being undefeated both seasons, and beyond.

Of course, there were many wins and even more friendships and positive memories along the way.

I consider myself to be the Major League Baseball catcher who goes onto to be a manager. Decent player. Loved the game. Wanted to keep competing. Wanted to be in the locker room. Desperate for knowledge.

If e-lacrosse wasn’t sharing GIFs back in 2001, I doubt I would have been able to improve from the first year I played sophomore high school to getting on the field as a freshman at Wooster against Salisbury in the first round of the tournament.

Whiteboard Buddies is fun name for a serious project. I need to help coaches and players get better faster. My first year playing was a miserable experience because I couldn’t catch and throw. All the success I had from soccer and baseball vanished because I lived in fear of failure. After a summer of stick work and summer camp out of town, the game slowed down and I sped up.

My first year of coaching was a disaster, because I didn’t understand that the way I was coached wasn’t going to work for players who weren’t as serious or as talented as my high school teammates.

Coaching is not a lucrative endeavor. Athletic departments can be out of touch. Parents can difficult. Losing makes it easy to step away.

Whiteboard Buddies is designed to make players and coaches more knowledgeable so you can have more fun. I’ll never forget the overtime goal I scored after turning the ball over the previous possession. I’ll always chase the lightbulb moment for my athletes.

This is Whiteboard Buddies, not Whiteboard Buddy. Many guest contributors will be involved in the Video Room and Cohort. They will be announced shortly.

The price point of the Video Room is for everybody. The access is capped at 88. The first 24 members will pay $17 a month. Cancel any time. Any new member after will pay $27 a month. Or, pay $150 for year long access.

It needs to be small so we can field and deliver requests for future content.

The Cohort is even smaller at 71 members. This is a year long membership at $625. Cohort members will have access to the Video Room and our private Facebook group.

The Facebook Group will expand upon Video Room Content with Whiteboard Buddies admin and members having the opportunity to interact with each other.

Cohort members will also get a weekly Coach’s Companion episode and participate in Hot Seat calls.Rather than having an open ended call, the Hot Seat will allow a member to bring a topic of their choosing to receive help.

The Cohort Facebook Group opens June 15th.

The Video Room is now live with new content being added daily.

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This week features two video clips, one drill video, and an EMO progression video.

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