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1Lacrosse Debuts Korean National Team Shaft

The Korean National Team is going to be rocking very cool custom shafts this Summer for the World Games. Once again, 1Lacrosse does a stellar job. MORE…

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1Lacrosse Unveils Two New Shafts

As always, 1Lacrosse is on top of their game. Below are the team shaft designs for Mexico and Argentina. MORE PICS…

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Steele Stanwick's Whip

It is a well-known belief that UNC’s Billy Bitter and the entire Stanwick family get their wands strung by their dads. Now there is proof. Inside Lacrosse asked Steele during the Big City Classic about his stick and he gave a great explanation behind its purpose. He discusses his shooting strings, the ball placement, the shaft, and MORE.

Grip N' Rip: Max Hubbard

Grip N' Rip: Max Hubbard

Each week Lacrosse Playground features a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. This week we are featuring Swarthmore’s scoring threat Max Hubbard. Hubbard is Jesse Hubbard’s brother, who continues the great legacy established by his older brother by ripping nets and rocking Warrior. Check out how Jesse and Max string their wands after the Jump. Keep Reading

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Groundhog's Day Weather Prediction, 10 Tips for February

The groundhog seeing its shadow hit you hard. We know. Here are ten tips to survive the next six weeks on the lacrosse field in no particular order.

New 1 Lacrosse Custom Shaft

1 Lacrosse is proud to be supplying the Homer Trojans with custom shafts for their upcoming 2010 campaign. With not one but two unique designs, the Trojans are sure to be looking sharp on and off the field as they build from a successful 2009 season and gear up for the new year.

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South Swell releases Signature Series stick

South Swell releases Signature Series stick

South Swell has released its first of five in a signature series of full, completely strung sticks. The retailer is working with athletes to develop their ideal pocket for a release of a series of sticks to give kids and opportunity to play with what their heroes are using on the field.


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Lax Wraps Special Offer

Lax Wraps has recently tweeted a special offer with the purchase of a custom stick wrap. Lax Wraps, engineered from a special polyester fiber fabric can be easily removed and reapplied with minimal residue. A player can place the wrap on the shaft, remove it and then reapply without losing adhesion.>>READ MORE


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Brine: Limited Edition Rastabeat

One of two new limited edition handles out on the market now, there’s a new look to this limited edition Brine Rastabeat. With only 300 manufactured Brine’s Rastafarian take on the Swizzbeat handle is being sold in select retailers nationwide. >> Read More

Brine Rastabeat

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Stickhead and 1Lacrosse Collaboration

The retailer, Stickhead Lacrosse, will soon introduce their specially designed shafts by 1Lacrosse. 1Lacrosse has been crushing the customized shaft game for well over a year now. Their first big splash was this past summer’s Under Armour All-America games at Towson University. More after the jump.