Premier Lacrosse League

Chaos Roster Moves Reveal Game Day Rosters are Selected in Advance of Practice

By Lacrosse Playground | June 10, 2022 |
Yesterday, we got a little peek behind the PLL roster management curtain. Or, perhaps it is just the first time we noticed these things.

PLL Week 2 Charlotte Primer

By Lacrosse Playground | June 9, 2022 |
Almost everything we are watching heading into the second week of the PLL season.

Blinded by the Takes: June 6

By Lacrosse Playground | June 6, 2022 |
The PLL season has arrived. The takes keep coming.

Does Pro Sports Popularity Translate to Full Stands for College Athletics?

By Lacrosse Playground | June 6, 2022 |
Does the popularity of a professional sport have any impact on their college counterpart?

PLL Week 1 Betting with Billy Costigan

By Lacrosse Playground | June 4, 2022 |
Welcome to Week 1 of the Premier Lacrosse League season! I hope you're ready to watch eight professional teams of the best lacrosse players in the world battle it out over the next fourteen weeks. The road to Philadelphia starts this weekend.

Blinded by the Takes: June 3

By Lacrosse Playground | June 3, 2022 |
PLL week one picks, Jamie Ortega robbed of the Tewy, and the greatest show on Minnesota turf.

PLL Training Camp Notes

By Lacrosse Playground | May 31, 2022 |
Quick reactions, questions, and thoughts from Albany.

How to Make the PLL Championship Series Even Bigger

By Lacrosse Playground | May 19, 2022 |
Yesterday, the PLL announced they would be restoring the Championship Series this February with a sixes style tournament. A brilliant idea as we were immediately begging for a "winter classic" as soon as the Utah tournament ended two summers ago. Here's how we'd make the event even bigger.

PLL Adds Winter Classic Event

By Lacrosse Playground | May 18, 2022 |
As part of a refreshed model, the top four teams from the preceding PLL regular season standings will qualify for the tournament. Highlighted by the PLL’s mission of trailblazing the future of professional sports, including its broader push for inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games in LA, the Championship Series will be played in Sixes-format. Qualifying teams will travel a 12-man roster to the 2023 tournament to compete in round robin play, finishing with a single-elimination playoff.

Episode 1: The PLL Narrative

By Lacrosse Playground | May 11, 2022 |

The debut episode of The PLL Narrative, our new PLL specific podcast, has arrived.

We’ll discuss past draft day swings Read more

Interview: Cannons Head Coach Sean Quirk

By Lacrosse Playground | April 7, 2022 |
A sit down with the Cannons head coach to discuss coming to the PLL, working with college coaches, and few thoughts on his players.

What Kyrie Irving Can Tell Us About the 2022 Chaos

By Lacrosse Playground | April 6, 2022 |
The enigmatic Nets star gives us some insight into what to expect from the NLL heavy Chaos roster.